3 Ways To Reduce Costs For Your Upcoming Commercial Relocation

Commercial relocation can be costly, but businesses that plan in advance can often reduce their costs. The following 3 tips can help you manage your upcoming commercial relocation and keep related expenses as low as possible.

Inventory and Purge

Over the years, many businesses will build up a multitude of paper records, pieces of furniture and extra items that they don't need. Purging these items before the move takes place can reduce relocation costs dramatically. In the weeks before your business reaches out to moving companies for quotes, go through all the items in your business and tag items for removal. Here are a few tips:

  • Set up a retention schedule for old records. Destroy any records that fall outside the retention schedule.
  • Digitize existing records and destroy paper copies. Not only will this enable you to get rid of many boxes of paper, but you can also get rid of the furniture that stores that paper.
  • Encourage employees to take home extra personal items. Establish clear rules about what can and can't be kept at the office to keep the number of items that must be moved to a minimum.
  • Plan to leave behind cubicle walls. Many businesses make the change to open office spaces, because open offices encourage employee collaboration and promote a sense of equality among staff. By making this change now, your business can also save money on moving expenses.

Move at a Slow Time of Year

Many moving companies discount their rates during the winter, when fewer moves are taking place. Moving at a time of year that is slow for the moving companies can enable your business to get the cheapest moving price possible. In addition, booking your move well in advance may also enable you to get a good price for your relocation, because most moving companies will have an empty calendar for that time of year. Start calling movers well in advance to inquire about discounts for slow times.

Get Quotes from Many Commercial Movers

Competition among businesses can keep prices low. Plan to contact as many reputable commercial moving services in your area to get as many quotes as possible. When talking to each company, let each company know that you're seeking bids from many moving companies, and you're looking for the best value for your money. This will encourage each moving company to bid as competitively as possible. Those businesses that can't lower their prices may throw in extra services to save your business money in other ways.

Following these tips will help you keep your business's commercial move as inexpensive as possible. Contact a moving company like Diversified Installation Service Inc for more information.