Getting A Sliding Glass Door? Know These Tips To Secure It

If you're having a new sliding glass door installed in your home, one concern you may have is how to secure it. These doors are quite different from traditional doors, since they are typically a huge pane of glass. Here are some tips for making sure your home is safe with a sliding glass door.

Order Tempered Glass

A concern with any glass door will be if it's easy for someone to break in. With entry being as simple as someone throwing a heavy object through the glass, it's easy to see why this is a concern. Make sure that the glass the door is made out of is tempered glass to improve your security. The glass will be much more resistant to shattering when compared to standard glass, having four times the strength. It will cost you more money to have a sliding glass door made with tempered glass, but it will be worth it for the peace of mind that it will be harder to break.

Verify Hinges Will Be Installed Inside

While the chance of making this mistake is low, especially if you opt for a professional installation, you'll want to verify that all hinges have been placed on the inside of the home. If not, getting access to your home is as easy as removing the screws and taking off the door. Hinges are not as obvious on a sliding door as they are for a standard door, since they are screwed into the top and bottom of the door along the rails. It may require some tools, but still makes breaking into to a home easier than it should be.

Use A Sliding Door Security Bar

If you want to give a sliding door additional protection, you can use a sliding door security bar to ensure that the door cannot open. While the door already has locking latches on it, the bar will prevent your door from sliding open, even if you forgot to lock it. These security bars can be built into the door frame, sliding out from recessed area and expanding across the door jam. There are other security bars you can buy at home improvement stores, which rest along the track on the bottom and do not require any special installation.

For more help securing your new sliding door, ask your company handling the installation for ideas. For instance, they may recommend a different type of lock, or a higher quality door.